About Me

Born a rebel, raised a Calvinist, I am now trying to figure out how to integrate my faith into my life.  Without becoming super lame.  If you think you love Jesus, but feel uncomfortable in church.  Or if you want to explore the spiritual side of life, but can only think about God in the way he was presented to you as a kid.  Or if you’d much prefer to drink margs with friends than attend a prayer meeting…Then you are in the right place.  Come with me on this crazy journey of faith.  I truly believe that God created folks like me (and you), so he is big enough to handle any doubts, questions, or snarkiness we send his way.  I think God just wants us to communicate with Him, so I am taking the stance:  Better sassy than silent.

Thanks for joining me!


Chara Oerter Ramer


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Molly Houck

    Yup…. I’m in the right place! Thanks for hosting this crazy party…

  2. chararamer

    Amen my friend!

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